Trade Medic


Trade Medic, S.A. is a portuguese company dedicated to the development, production, importation, exportation, storage and distribution of medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical and health devices.
It has in its portfolio the representation of international brands and own brands, developed solely for commercialization in pharmacies, health spaces and hospitals.


With the constant updating of our organizational methods, we work to optimize our procedures, in order to progressively increasing patients satisfaction and the quality and efficiency of our processes and products, always taking into account the latest regulations in force and the best means technological developments.

Provide quality healthcare products to patients.

Create synergies with brands, suppliers and business partners, to ensure that we overcome difficulties and borders to take our products where health and well-being are needed.

Make a difference through an innovative and professional service that can exceed the expectations of our partners, customers and patients, meeting their real needs.

Personal knowledge of markets leads us to continually explore new territories, partnerships and innovate solutions that provide concrete and effective responses to local health.


Trade Medic focuses not on a single model of necessity, but on an infinite diversity, bound to deadlines, cultures, histories and local health.

Our concern is to consolidate and convey an image that reflects our main values:

  • Focus on patient satisfaction
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence
  • Flexibility
  • Ambition
  • Innovation
  • Dedication

Storage Licence | MUH Wholesale Distribution Authorization | Certificate of Distribution of Medical Devices | MV Distribution Authorization License